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Partners in Peace is our initiative that lets you effortlessly support reconciliation, dialogue, and Shared Society in Israel. If you'd like to help make Israel the more just, open, and democratic society that we all want it to be, then please join us.
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Make Shared Society in Israel a Reality
 This is just a small glimpse of Givat Haviva’s work. Our beautiful, 40-acre campus is also home to our Arabic Studies Institute, the Moreshet Holocaust and Research Center, and the
Givat Haviva International School.

We know that the peace process isn’t going in the direction that we all want, and that the situation as a whole can seem daunting. Givat Haviva is here to offer hope.
Reconciliation and Shared Society is possible; we make it every single day.

Join us, become a Partner in Peace, and connect with Israel’s leading peace organization. Make your recurring donation, and become a Partner today; we thank you for what you’re doing,
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