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Program Summary

This program was born from the 22-year success story of our encounter programs. Experience showed us that middle school students struggle with questions of identity and belonging in a divided society. We designed a program that introduces children, in a lighter, playful way, to the diversity of Israeli society, the different narratives, and the issue of (in)equality and discrimination in five sessions. In the uni-national session, they explore their identity, feelings, and stereotypes towards the other side, laying the foundation for the following bi-national encounter at Givat Haviva. The following two sessions deepen the encounter as they visit each other’s schools and are exposed to each other’s lived realities. The last meeting at Givat Haviva will help the children to process their experience getting to know peers from the other side of society and understand their role in fighting the creation of harmful stereotypes. 

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Programming 2022 – 2023

Number of classes:  14 (7 Jewish classes and 7 Arab classes)

Number of youth participants:  420 (200 Jewish youth and 200 Arab youth)

Partnership and Belonging

Facilitating encounters between Jewish and Arah high schoolers

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