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60 Years of the arab-Jewish center for peace​​

About the Center for Peace

The Arab-Jewish Center for Peace was established in 1963, along with the Moreshet Holocaust Center and the Arabic Language Center. Our educational encounters programs, such as Face-to-Face, Children-Teaching-Children, and Through Others' Eyes, and more, are run through our Center for Peace.

The Center for Peace is more than just a programmatic office. It is a symbol of Givat Haviva and an embodiment of our mission. Bringing Arab and Jewish Citizens of Israel together under the premise of peace-building and creating a Shared Society. Our programs have changed lives and given youth critical exposure to "the other" in sessions facilitated by trained staff members. Participants can discuss complex and difficult topics of identity and oppression in a safe and respectful environment where they will feel heard and understood.

The dialogue sessions hosted by the Center for Peace are groundbreaking. They give participants the tools to continue having these difficult conversations back home at their schools, homes, and communities. 

We are so proud of what we have accomplished over the last 60 years and cannot wait to see what we achieve in the next 60!

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