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Givat Haviva Educational Foundation (GHEF) is the U.S.-based nonprofit that supports and empowers Givat Haviva in Israel, an NGO that has been dedicated to bridging the gap between Israel's Jewish and Arab citizens for nearly six decades.

We believe that the future of Israel should be based on mutual responsibility, civic equality, and a shared vision of the future. Our mission is to ensure Israel's democratic nature by putting forth the building blocks of a society shared equally by all Israelis.


What We Do

Givat Haviva has developed many programs and initiatives that work to connect, empower, and educate Israel's citizens, while creating a space for dialogue, and reducing fear and mistrust.


We do this through cross-community projects, leading training and capacity-building activities, facilitating seminars, workshops, and conferences, and ultimately, by working to make real change happen on the ground.

GHEF promotes this critical work from the U.S. by raising awareness of, and support for, Givat Haviva’s mission.

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