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A message from our board chair

In these challenging times, promoting peace and equality among Israel’s citizens is more important than ever.


We're excited to share a powerful message from David Heller, Friends of Givat Haviva’s Board chair, former Chair of the Cleveland Federation, and current Campaign Chair for the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA). David underscores the importance of protecting Israel's democratic values and promoting peace and equality among its citizens.


In this video, David Heller explains the critical need to protect Israel's democratic framework and uphold the values of peace, equality, and mutual respect. He speaks of Givat Haviva's tireless efforts in the face of external threats and political uncertainties.


We invite you to watch this video and learn more about our work in promoting dialogue, understanding, and social equality among Jewish and Arab communities in Israel. Together, we can create a future where all citizens can thrive in harmony and peace.

Givat Haviva's 2023 Recap
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Givat Haviva has developed many programs that work to connect, empower, and educate Israel's citizens while creating a space for dialogue, and reducing fear and mistrust.


We do this through cross-community projects, leading training and capacity-building activities, facilitating seminars, workshops, and conferences, and ultimately, by working to make real change happen on the ground.

FoGH supports this critical work by raising awareness of, and support for, Givat Haviva.

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Who We Are

Friends of Givat Haviva is the U.S.-based nonprofit that supports and empowers Givat Haviva in Israel, an NGO that has been dedicated to bridging the gap between Israel's Jewish and Arab citizens for nearly six decades.

Givat Haviva is a civil society organization for social change associated with the Havatzelet Group. We strive to create a model society in Israel, emphasizing the importance of a Jewish and Arab shared society.  Our vision for a shared society is anchored in principles of mutual respect, trust, pluralism, and intrinsic equality between citizens. We work to promote a prosperous, democratic society for all citizens of Israel, one that strives for peace with its neighbors and the solidarity of all peoples. Our programs focus on education, language instruction, culture, and art. The Jewish-Arab partnership within the organization is the foundation of Givat Haviva's unique expertise and a central value underlying our worldview and practice.

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