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Givat Haviva's programs are under attack by the new Israeli government

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Givat Haviva has continued to be a key driver of educational initiatives which set a foundation for a Shared Society. Most notable is the organization’s Shared Language Program, teaching Hebrew throughout the country in schools serving Palestinian citizens. The emphasis on spoken Hebrew is essential for students to contribute to a Shared Society – in higher education and in the workplace.

These and other education programs aligned with Shared Society goals are now under threat with the establishment of the new right-wing Israeli government. The first video below (under 2 minutes) is a news report of the minister of education’s priorities against Shared Society programs.

In the second video below Michal Sella, Givat Haviva’s CEO, speaks at a recent conference and responds to the threats posed. She notes that public state education is a primary social foundation in Israel, which is why it is among the first to be under attack by the new Israeli government. She urges all Israelis to work together to ensure an education system that promotes equality, acceptance, and democracy for all of Israel’s citizens.

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support of Givat Haviva’s Education Programs and for the continued pursuit of a true Shared Society in Israel.

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