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Recent articles, podcasts and videos featuring our team and our work

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Participants from the Bara'em Hi-Tech Seeds program discuss their experiences in the program. Bara'em Hi-Tech gives promising Arab high school students the opportunity to take additional classes and hearn credits toward a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, while in high school.

Hear from alumni from our Heart to Heart program that brings Jewish and Arab students together for three weeks at a summer camp in Canada. During the program, students discuss identity, politics, and their experiences in Israel.

Givat Haviva's CEO, Michal Sella explains the current situation in Israel, and what it means for the future. You will also hear from some of Givat Haviva's program participants in the Through Other's Eyes program

Beyond eating Hummus together: Israel's third wave of changemaking

How has peacebuilding work in Israel changed over the years? Mohammad Darawshe discusses Givat Haviva's approach and why this work is so important for Israel and for the world.

How Did Arab Voters React to Benjamin Netanyahu's Victory?

Mohammad Darawshe explains the implications of the recent elections on Arab-Israelis, and the Arab population's thoughts and feelings about the incoming coalition and government.

Will Arab Voters Decide the Israeli Election? 

Hear Mohammad Darawshe, Givat Haviva's Head of Strategy and expert on Arab-Jewish relations in Israel, take a deep dive into the current state of Arab-Israeli politics ahead of the November 1 Israeli election.

Mohammad and Israel Policy Pod host Neri Zilber discuss reasons behind the expected low turnout in Arab society, the divisions amongst Arab political parties, how Mansour Abbas is viewed after his historic move to join a governing coalition, and why Arab-Israelis likely hold the key to whether Benjamin Netanyahu returns to power or Yair Lapid continues as Prime Minister. 

Bridging the Gulf Between Arab Citizens and the Gulf

This article gives more background on the implicaitons of the Abraham accords for Palestinian citizens of Israel.  Mohammad Darawshe discusses his own identity as a Palestinian living in Israel, and the complicated feelings that many Arab-Israeli citizens have. 

Arab Students with Israeli Citizenship Grapple with Their Identity

This article features a student from Givat Haviva International School, Ibrahim Hojerat. He discusses his identity and his experience at Givat Haviva International School.

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For more videos, you can check out our YouTube channel here.

Find out more about Givat Haviva's Teacher Exchange Program from faculty and students 

CEO of Givat Haviva, Michal Sella explains the importance of education in creating a Shared Society

Hear experts, including members of Givat Haviva's team, discuss the pressing issues in Arab society

The Violent Crime Wave Facing Arab Citizens

Mohammad Darawshe, an expert on Arab-Jewish relations in Israel, joins host Neri Zilber for a deep dive into the escalating violent crime and murder wave in Arab Israeli communities. They discuss the root causes of what is already a tragically record-breaking year, the absence of the Israeli state in Arab towns and villages, the proliferation of organized crime families, the impact of the violence on regular Arab citizens, the complete failure of National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and the Netanyahu government to address the issue, and the current state of play in Arab-Israeli politics.

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