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Friends of Givat Haviva name change

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Effective January 1, 2023, we are proud to announce the new name of our organization in the United States: Friends of Givat Haviva—Supporting a Shared Society in Israel. With the valuable input of supporters like you, we arrived at a name that better reflects our mission and the programs and projects we are engaged in today. From the days when Givat Haviva focused its message and work on promoting coexistence, the organization has evolved and expanded its work to support the creation of a true shared society in Israel. In the last decade we have developed multi-generational projects that embrace language learning, hi-tech skill development, art creation and collaborations between Jewish and Arab municipalities in Israel. In keeping with our renewed vision, we are also adopting the new logo of the Givat Haviva organization. The original logo has represented Givat Haviva and its mission at thousands of events and gatherings for many years. The new version, which incorporates cursive Arabic into the original Hebrew, reiterates and reinforces our commitment to a shared society. Look for our forthcoming Updates from Israel Newsletter, which will provide perspective on the recent political changes in the country as well as Givat Haviva's latest projects and accomplishments. Now more than ever your support is needed to help us build a shared, just and better society for all Israelis.

Michael Blechman

Board Chairman,

Friends of Givat Haviva

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